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CC/EC pages updated

The CC & EC pages have been updated to reflect changes to the councils.

Navigation menu updated

The navigation menu has been updated to remove out-of-date choices, update some links to point to the wiki, and update the active ship links.

Fleet area updated

The fleet page has been updated to reflect changes to our active vessels.

Happy anniversary, UFOP: StarBase 118!

June marks the end of our 14th year of operation! Unlike many other groups, we remain under the same unified banner, with our original founder, FltAdml. Wolf, still leading the charge as Magistrate to the Executive Council! Congratulations, community members – we remain one of the longest running groups on the internet today!

CC/EC pages updated

The CC & EC pages have been updated to reflect changes to the councils.

Top Sims Contest revamped

The entire TSC area has been revamped to reflect the new contest overhaul.

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest class of Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet! Cole Turner, and Jarak!

Updated sidebar

The menu has been updated to switch around some of the “community” items. We’ve also changed “Special Events” to “Events & Activities” to reflect the launch of the upcoming “Free-form Simming” area, and the re-launch of the chats.

Bookmarking widget added

We’ve now added a “bookmarking widget” to the site in the footer. It used to be a few text links, but now you can hover over the widget and choose which bookmarking site you want to add us to.

New form for returning members

We now have a form that returning members can use, as opposed to our regular application. This should expedite the process for those members who want to get back into simming.

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OOC activities

Looking for something fun to do? We have a whole list of fleet activities that are looking for members like yourself! Check out the Fleet Activity List today to see where you'll fit in.