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Top Picks: For Him!

Do you ever have trouble wondering what to get that special man in your life? Sometimes it can be difficult. However, if your man is a Trekkie, there are some items out there that may appeal. Here are Alora’s Top Ten Picks – For Him! Note: Some of these may also appeal to women, but I’m going from the angle of what might appeal to my man if he was a Trekkie. 😉

10. Star Trek Tea, Earl Grey, Hot (Official!)

Picard is perhaps one of the favourite of the Star Trek Captains and every Trekkie knows exactly how he has his tea – Earl Grey, Hot. Now your man can have his in the same way and, perhaps, get a feel of what it’s like to be the Captain – if only for the time it takes to finish the mug.

9. Star Trek Socks

No uniform is complete without the socks. Or maybe your man wants to show off his geekiness in the office without being too obvious. Either way, these socks are a styling way to put a little Star Trek in your work day.

8. Star Trek Picard Tie

This would be the perfect addition to those socks as mentioned previously. Even better, this is a little more obvious but still subtle enough to be appropriate for any work environment. Now you can be the boss and say ‘Make it so’ in the office to your heart’s delight.

7. Star Trek Boxer Shorts

Yes, we’re a little ‘outfit’ heavy here, but that’s all right. If you’re in a particularly hard core environment where little examples of your Star Trek pride are appreciated, you can still get your geek on without anyone knowing!

6. Star Trek Talking Bottle Opener

After a long day at work, some guys just like to come home and chug back a cold one. Now you can open that bottle and imagine you’re on the enterprise with this one of a kind bottle opener. The disk even separates and talks to you as you pop open that brewsky!

5. Star Trek Delta Shield Money Clip

My husband isn’t a fan of bulky wallets, and while he doesn’t generally use a money clip for money, he often carries around index cards which he keeps clipped together. Either way, this little beauty is a great way to keep that money – or those cards – all together.

4. Star Trek Shot Glasses

Sometimes the day is long and hard enough to require something a little stronger than just beer. That’s where these come in. Sit yourself down with a little something to keep you warm during the cold, winter nights.

3. Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Watch

This is another stylish way to show your Trekkie side. This gorgeous watch will make heads turn just by the beauty of it. And if you aren’t a fan of the Enterprise, there’s also one depicting the Delta Shield.

2. Star Trek Cycling Jersey

My father in law has really been enjoying his bicycle when it’s not below freezing and snowing. This jersey can be enjoyed by your favourite cyclist too and help him stand out among all those other look alikes traveling down the road. You have to admit, it’s pretty stylin’.

1. Star Trek Communicator Cufflinks

I know, I know, cufflinks? Number one on the top picks? Yeah, I didn’t expect that either – until I saw these little beauties. These aren’t your normal cufflinks – they’re shaped like miniature TOS communicators. They are so ‘realistic’ that they even flip open to reveal actual buttons. Beam me up Scotty!

So that’s it for Alora’s Top Picks for Him. Next time, we’ll visit the Top Picks for Her, so stay tuned!

The Case Of The Mysterious Stone

In the original Star Trek series, there were several alien beings that would appear or disappear at will and without the use of a teleporter. We don’t have that ability in the real world, but it seems that a certain rock on a certain red planet might.

In Command: Captain Cassandra Egan Manno

I think most of us are familiar with Tony, the player behind that temporal magnet, Aron Kells. Recently, some events have taken place which took the USS Mercury out of comission and Aron Kells out of the spotlight. Not to worry, Tony isn’t going anywhere, and he’s brought on a whole new character – Captain Cassandra Egan Manno. I had the opportunity to sit down and get a little information about his new face.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

For years, scientists have touted the big bang theory as the most likely candidate for the creation of the universe and this is where time began – somewhere around 13.8 billion years ago. The Universe’s origins haven’t been a recent debate, either. Aristotle even suggested that rather than have a finite past, the universe had an infinite one. This caused quite a stir among religious philosophers of the day. Yet, recently, some scientists may have offered some support to Aristotle’s own philosophy.

Top Picks: Child’s Play

When last we left our Top Picks, we had explored my favourite choices for our Trekkie babies. Babies, however, get older and outgrow all those neat outfits, gadgets, and doodads. There’s a lot out there though for our older children, and many of the items are probably expected by fans of the franchise. However, while I have included a couple of more common items, I managed to find some neat ones that most might not realise exist. So, without further ado, Alora’s top picks for Trekkie items for kids.

Stardate Now!: Lieutenant Dueld taJoot

::Stardate Now!’s music is familiar as it plays just before the darkness fades. Colour splashes across the background and a pair of chairs – one purple, one red – add to the rainbow. Danica has taken up the violet while her outfit of neon green contrasts sharply with the furniture. A smile is plastered over her brilliant pink lips and her mouth parts as she speaks with her eyes pointed at the camera while eases in for a close up.::

DANICA: Good evening and welcome to Stardate Now! I’m your host, Danica Galaxie. This evening we have with us Lieutenant Dueld taJoot of the USS Vigilant.

Say Goodbye To ISON

Have you heard of ISON? If you haven’t, perhaps you haven’t been keeping your eyes upon the stars. ISON is the name given to the comet to have most recently entered our inner solar system. It hails from our solar system’s Oort cloud, a vast mass of bodies that have come together to form…well, basically a big cloud at the edge of our solar system. It’s so far away (4.6 trillion miles, give or take), that passing stars can actually change the orbits of the objects within the cloud. ISON was one of these objects.

ISON was discovered back in September of 2012 by the International Scientific Optical Network – hence the comets nickname, ‘ISON’ – a Russian observatory. While it’s discovery was fairly recent, it’s journey toward the sun has already lasted a million years or so according to scientists. But why get so worked up about a comet that’s actually smaller than most we come across?

A Matter Of “Gravity” – Movie Review

There is no shortage of movies centered around a plot that involves that final frontier. From fictional movies, such as Star Trek and Star Wars, to those inspired by real events, such as Apollo 13, Space has captured and encouraged the imagination. The opportunities presented by the wonders of space offer a whole realm of possibilities, endless amounts of which have yet to be explored.

See No…Nudity?

Nudity is no stranger on the set of television and film.

A Glaring Movie

Ah, the wonders of Photoshop. It and other programs like it (thank goodness for GIMP!) have heralded an age where the average layperson can do everything from turning a colour photograph to black and white to editing out unwanted captures (what is that dog doing with the fire hydrant in the background?) in an otherwise ‘perfect’ shot. Of course, additions, subtractions, and other special effects aren’t just limited to pictures.

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