Taskforce in Focus – Training Team

Taskforce in Focus – Training Team

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The Training Team is responsible for training all new applicants to prepare them to be posted to a ship within our fleet.  Today we meet with Training Team Member Lt. Commander Aine Sherlock so we can learn more about this important part of our community! 

DeVeau: Thank you for joining us.  Can you please start by giving us a short overview on the Training Team and how it supports our StarBase 118 community?

Sherlock: As most who read this will know, the training team is your first point of interaction as it pertains to simming with the 118 community. We’re there to help and train new applicants to get them ready for posting to a ship or station in the fleet. From learning the format of sims to answering questions about what they can expect to helping in forming their first character.

Please tell us about your background and your current role in the Training Team?

I’m new to the training team, but it’s something I’ve wanted to get involved in since I joined three years ago. Starting out as a mock cadet you get to see how things work and contribute to the mission as if you were starting from the beginning. For me it’s been a balance of helping to push the scene while also helping to facilitate the cadets into taking the initiative. You also get to see how the training team works, learning by watching the more experienced members.

What do you feel this taskforce adds to our community and why do you think it’s important? 

When I first joined, the Training Team being my first interaction, I felt was vital. I remember asking my training CO questions, that I felt at the time might have been silly, but being encouraged to ask more. So not only is it learning how to format and interact IC, there’s an important aspect that is learned that you take with you to your first ship with interactions of you and your mentor. Overall, it sets a precedent of what to expect for new applicants.

Why did you choose to join this taskforce and what keeps you motivated? 

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. When I went through the Academy, it was just so much fun. I got to meet other cadets, both of whom are still with the fleet. I wrote with a couple people I ended up with on my first ship. You really get the sense of community for the fleet as a whole in the Academy. And it’s something I’ve always wanted to help give to other newcomers.

What is the most challenging part of being on this team?  What is the most rewarding?

I feel like one of the most challenging things is remaining neutral, through good and bad. You have to be realistic with your assessments of cadets. Everyone on the team contributes to the feedback and there are times where someone may not be making the cut. In the end, it’s up to the cadet to perform. Someone may come in enthusiastic but maybe they’re not adapting to the feedback they’ve been given and despite them being a good applicant or even sociable, they may just not be a fit for 118. You want everyone to join, you want everyone to make it and be able to join us. But some just don’t cut it. As for rewarding, it’s always great to see those who come in ready to go, but when you see someone who starts off rough and then turns it around, that’s satisfying. That shows they want to be here and that they’re willing to learn and adapt.

How do you approach conducting training scenarios for new recruits? Do you have favourites?

I haven’t yet led one of our sessions, only having simmed as my mock cadet. So I can only really answer to that. Simming a mock cadet is fun. It’s interesting to see the training session from the other side from when I was an applicant myself. When simming a mock cadet, being consistent with your simming is important, setting a good example for cadets to follow. As for a favorite scenario, I think, like many, my favorite would be the one I took part in during my Academy week: Detoured.

What is a memorable experience or success story from your time training new members?

I wouldn’t say I have one specific one yet. But just in general, seeing people graduate and join the fleet, seeing how they progress both in and out of character. That’s something special that I haven’t seen in any other community.

How has your involvement with the Training Team contributed to your growth as a player?

Again, I haven’t been with the team long. But almost immediately there’s an impact. I think I start looking at all sims differently, including my own. I’ve always worked to make scenes and stories have a reasonable progression, and now I still do the same, but I look for ways to let others run with an idea that maybe I’ve just hinted at. Really making it a cooperative effort in creating the problem instead of “I created the problem, you solve the problem.”

What advice would you give to those who wish to consider joining this taskforce?  

Do it! For me it was always a personal goal to be a part of the training team. The feeling of contributing to the fleet as a whole, of helping to make sure that replacements in the fleet are going to their respective postings ready to go, it just feels good. You know if you’ve done it right that whoever out there that gets the new Ensign is going to enjoy writing with them, it’s something to be proud of.

Thank you all so much for your insights on the Training Team!

You can read more about the Training Team, including how to join, on the wiki.

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