Mysterious Holodeck Malfunctions Plague Arrow Crew at Raft One

Mysterious Holodeck Malfunctions Plague Arrow Crew at Raft One

RAFT ONE, ALPHA ISLES – The crew of the Arrow faces an unexpected challenge as they grapple with a malfunctioning holodeck, leading to concerns and investigations into the nature of the anomaly.

With great innovation comes strange holodeck happenings, as the crew of the Arrow find themselves embroiled in an adventure gone wrong.

The nature of Raft One’s unusual status as an abandoned Federation facility has contributed to a great many oddities, including, according to at least one eyewitness, holodecks that call to patrons, instead of patrons calling upon the holodecks.

“I thought it was a practical joke”, said Fern Mtalbaz, a shopkeeper on the lower levels of the outpost. “When I didn’t see anyone there, but heard the voice, I got the heck outta there. That’s bad news”.

Reports are still coming in, but the increasingly disturbing absence of several ranking officers in the region has developed into a blossoming unease aboard, despite the efforts of administrators to quell the concerns. Further reports indicate activity on the holodeck consistent with sparring simulations and limited visual inspections suggest an unnaturally spooky air. Repairs to the hologrid command processors- damaged by some means so as to make exiting the holodeck a near impossibility- continue.

Meanwhile, First Officer Commander Karrod Niac is facing personal demons as he participates in the Trill Ritual of Closure, known as the Zhian’Tara. During the ceremony, various members of the Arrow’s crew have been called upon to temporarily play host to the living consciousnesses that typically reside in the Niac symbiote. This allows for a type of interactivity and self-examination that can be informative and, at times, unsettling. Captain Randal Shayne, who volunteered to participate in the ritual, had this to say about the time he spent playing host to ‘Rostil,’ Niac’s first host and famed Trill MasterChef.

“An interesting experience, though I won’t be eating for the next four days or so”.

At present, the Arrow remains in dock for repair and refitting at Raft-One while awaiting new tasking from Starfleet Command.

Written by Karrod Niac

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