Chaos as rogue planet threatens to destroy Tyrellian moon Palanon

Chaos as rogue planet threatens to destroy Tyrellian moon Palanon

TYRELLIAN SECTOR — Crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC82293) at the epicentre of tidal waves, earthquakes and unnatural phenomena as the sudden appearance of a rogue planet sends the sector into a tailspin.

Based on the trajectory of the rogue planet, and the speed with which it travelled unhindered through the Tyrellian Sector, scientists estimated the damage and destruction would be complete. The Tyrellian people, already displaced from their primary planet and finding a temporary home on Palanon, have issued a global state of emergency and evacuations are already underway.

Set to task, the USS Gorkon crew divided into teams to cover the ground of the rogue planet and discover a way to prevent the full-scale reckoning.

First Officer LtCmdr. Samira Neathler and a team of Gorkon officers descended on the USS Kahnrah to the rogue planet civilisation. Reports of their progress have not yet reached the Gorkon, but the ship remains hopeful they can work together to prevent disaster. Meanwhile, LtCmdr. Orson Marshall and team commanded the USS Kerla, only to be shot down moments after breaking through the lower atmosphere by an unknown assailant. LtCmdr. Alieth and Lt. Lena Josett are in pursuit.

Onboard the Gorkon, VAdml. Quinn Reynolds and a crack team of scientists have searched for ways to alter the course of the wayfaring planet, to avoid as many casualties as possible.

Sources from the Sector spoke about the devastation to Ereina, the Tyrellian Ark World, as reports from the surface under the domes speak of floods and electrical fires hampered by rolling power outages. The Gorkon’s LtCmdr. Caedan Nkai, along with his damage control team breached the outer domes and started to clear out survivors from inside.

“It all happened so fast, and the plants,” Tyrellian scientist Aiislea Rarev lamented from the safety of the underground bunker, already deep in the preservation work. “We’ve saved so many but years’ worth of cultivation is lost to the stars.”

More on this story as it develops.

Written by Jo Marshall

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