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New flag officer interview: Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds, USS Gorkon

This month, in the second of our series of interviews with staff members who recently received a flag officer promotion, we’re talking with Quinn Reynolds – our newest Vice Admiral – to learn more about what she can teach members of the fleet with her long years of experience.

FORTUNE: Thank you so much for joining us today!

REYNOLDS: Thank you! I’m delighted to be here.

A promotion to Vice Admiral is not something to sneeze at! Looking back on all these years with the fleet, what do you believe is one piece of advice you would give to a new Ensign or a Cadet thinking of joining us?

Embrace the community. I’ve always found that the most fun I’ve had with 118 are the times that I’ve been sharing active in sharing story, character development and OOC ideas with other members. Other people can spark ideas in directions you would have never imagined by yourself, and give you confidence to try things you might never have dreamed up alone.

I’d like to know more about your mission-writing ideas. What gives something that pop, that ding to it that sends you mashing on the keyboard long into the night to bring it to life?

Really, I think it’s any idea that gives me more ideas; a mission seed that instantly sets the imagination spinning off in a dozen different directions. When a proposal instantly prompts lots of ideas for scenes, plot twists and outcomes, I can be fairly sure it’s something that everyone in the crew will be able to get their teeth into and have a fun time with.

Interesting! Hitting Vice Admiral is admirable (hah). Let’s roll back the years to when you first began: Was command your goal? Or has it changed?

I came into the group just wanting to roleplay in the Star Trek universe, though I did already have an established history as a tabletop GM. My interest in command was really something that evolved over time, as I saw how we told stories in such a collaborative, freeform setting and learned what role the captain played in making sure everyone had a great time.

Wow! Never would have known. Can you give us a little insight to any future plans you have for Quinn?

Well, she’s getting married! That’s a huge deal for her as she never thought she’d find a relationship that could weather her many and varied quirks, as well as her career. From a professional standpoint, she’s recently been drawn back into the murky world of Romulan conspiracies and Orion Syndicate shenanigans, and I’m looking forward to exploring that with my crew.

What has been your favorite – or least favorite – event that has happened with Quinn on her journey to the stars?

I really don’t think I could choose just one, there’s been so many wonderful stories I’ve been a part of. Perhaps one of the most influential was as an ensign, very early on in my career, when I got to spend a mission alone with the CO’s PNPC, which paved the way for one of the most defining relationships of Quinn’s life.

As a member of the Executive Council, the Captains Council, the Academy Commandant, and the CO of the Gorkon, I’d imagine you have learned how to really manage your time. How do you make that work, and what would you recommend for others who are wanting to grow their involvement in the community?

It’s easier than it used to be, what with smartphones being so ubiquitous! I’d recommend that anyone looking to grow their involvement seek out the publicity, news, and – if they’re Lieutenant and above – the training team. These three teams really form the core of our OOC efforts, as they’re vital to drawing in and acclimatising new players, and only ask a little time every month to help.

Wonderful! Well thank you so much for our interview and just for being here on SB118! We very much appreciate you, Vice Admiral Reynolds!

Thank you! I’m fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful community.

And thank YOU, everyone, for reading our article today! Have a great day and see you amongst the stars!

For more information about Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds, check out her bio on the wiki.

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