History Awakens as the USS Blackwell Brokers Peace

History Awakens as the USS Blackwell Brokers Peace

ARNDALL – As the crew of the USS Blackwell work with the leaders of local Par’tha Expanse governments in towards peace, the ground beneath Arndall shakes as an ancient horror returns.
On the surface of Arndall, a dramatic struggle for survival unfolded while the United Federation of Planets Ambassador, Kalianna Nicholotti, negotiated with Par’tha Expanse governments.
Two Starfleet away teams did what they could to help the wounded and feed the hungry while a massive storm bore down on their location, eventually forcing them to beat a hasty retreat.
“We were on our way one second,” explains Nar’hola, a Valcarian patient in one of the shuttles. “And then the next thing you knew, everything was dark and you could feel yourself get pushed back in your seat. That’s all I remember before I passed out.”
A strange loss of power brought one shuttle down and rendered the other useless as the ground began to shake. Aboard the USS Blackwell, NCC-58999, this seismic activity was monitored, up until it became apparent that it was not natural. With explosive force, hundreds of insectoid soldiers pushed to the surface and surrounded or obliterated nearby population centers to the horror of those watching.
A common enemy now present, the situation brought together a loose alliance between the Valcarians, Caraadians, and the USS Blackwell. Tensions escalated as the crew of the Blackwell devised a plan to rescue their crewmembers and save as many lives as possible.
Written by Kali Nicholotti

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