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Species Closeup: Pahkwa-thanh

“Understanding how and why the physical form works the way it does is essential to understanding how to treat it.” -a Pahkwa-thanh proverb.

One of the newer members of the Federation family, the sole world of the Pahkwa-thanh, Duhpwa’thuv, is a lush world of swamps and thick foliage. Its appearance resembles a Triassic Earth. The same might be said for its inhabitants.

Despite their fearsome appearance, Pahkwa-thanh are generally one of the most benevolent, peaceful races in the Federation. They are exclusively carnivorous, and as a result, very few serve in Starfleet, as most prefer to remain on their homeworld to serve their unique physiological needs. Courtesy and respect are of paramount importance for the Pahkwa-thanh. The majority of Pahkwa’thanh enjoy hunting for live food, but restrain their consumption to lower life forms, as hunting intelligent beings would be considered “highly impolite”.

This mentality extends to a planetary focus towards medicine and humanitarian engineering. While they are currently labeled as “To be determined” by the Intelligent Lifeform Index, one is currently being played on the Starship Blackwell as a PNPC.

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