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Poll of the Week: Diving through Bureaucracy

You are captain of a starship, and you receive a request for medical supplies: A plague has been declared in a Federation world not far from your position. The world has been quarantined, but they need those supplies as soon as possible – millions could die within days unless something is done.

The nearest starbase has the supplies, but they refuse to release them without authorization from an admiral who just happens to be out of range on a sensitive diplomatic mission.

You’re so far out on the frontier that it’ll take days for a subspace message to reach Starfleet Command.

But there is another way – you have full access to the base’s systems, as a captain in Starfleet. You could easily beam out the supplies and be on your way within minutes. It’s not procedure, and it may put you in serious hot water with the brass.

What would you do – risk serious repercussions or wring your hands? Join us on the forums for this week’s poll and let us know!

This is a new question from our category Morals of Trek, where you are in the shoes of a Starfleet Captain facing a dilemma any of our favorite characters could have faced in Star Trek. If your crew has faced any such dilemmas and you want to see it featured in a Poll of the Week, let us know!

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