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Star Trek Timelines: Q strikes again!

As a frequent gamer I found myself at a loss a few weeks ago. I was looking forward to installing some of the old Star Trek games like Armada II but it’s so old it’s no longer working on a new computer without patching your system until eternity. So instead of trying to find a way to get the game going I decided to look for something else and what did I find? A great new game called Star Trek Timelines.

Its only available for Android and Apple but so far it’s a lot of fun. What is it all about? Well as you might have guessed by the title of this article Q has decided to show up again. He has set the galaxy in chaos by mixing a lot of timelines / alternate realities into your reality and you are the only man who can fix it. That sounds pretty cliché but it turns out to be a great task.

During the game -which is totally free- you can start recruiting your own crew. In a way it’s a little like Pokémon. You earn credits by doing all kinds of missions and with the credits you can buy “card”. These cards contain either people from the Star Trek series (Original, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise) and there are also a lot of items. The characters you come across are divided into several roles. Troi for example is a great diplomat and has some medical knowledge while Seska is a great engineer with some combat skills. By giving them items they became better and what they do and the better the skills the more successful you’ll be in a mission.

During the missions that you will find on your way through the alpha quadrant you will encounter all kinds of factions looking for your favor. Will you assist the Bajorans or the Cardassians in their conflict? Should the Terran Alliance have a foothold besides the Federation? The choice is yours and your choices have an effect on who will and won’t join your team. Add to that the option to go the battle with Warbirds, Cubes and countless other ships and you have a great free game on your mobile device. For me the only main problem is the fact that is sucks the juice out of your battery.

Is there a catch here since its free? Well yes and no. Until today (been playing for a few weeks now) I haven’t bought a single thing in the game with real money. If you want you can pay for better gear, special characters or a better ships to fly with. For me that feels a bit like cheating because if you play for free you still have a change to get Picard, Janeway or whoever you prefer.

For example, I now have a crew of 25 people and among them are Riker, Troi, Archer, Janeway and Spock. Do I miss not having a Kirk or Sisko? No not really. Sure they are fun but I can find the skills they offer in many other characters so I can still play and finish the game without them. If you however want to have the best of the best I’m sure throwing in a few dollars will speed the process but to me it’s more like getting them through hard work.

Like to know more about this game? Here is all you need to get started!

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