Publicity Project: Share this video with your friends

Publicity Project: Share this video with your friends

Are you a member of Facebook? If so, you can help us grow the fleet! It’s easy – here’s how:
First, head to our Facebook page and make sure to click Like to follow us.
Next, check out the video created by Admiral Wolf explaining what simming is and how to get started. This is a great post to share with your own friends on Facebook, since it introduces people who aren’t familiar with simming what we do, and how to get involved.
So on that post, click the “Like” button, and then click “Share.” You may want to add your own text to the post – something like this, perhaps?

Check out this video! I’m a member of the group that created it, and I highly recommend joining.

By hitting Like and Share on our Facebook posts – like this one – and writing a little about how much you enjoy being a member of our fleet, your Facebook friends can learn about what our community and perhaps be enticed to join. Just imagine all the people we can expose our fleet to by simply clicking a few buttons!
Once you’ve liked and shared the post, head to our forums and take credit for helping promote our fleet!

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