USS Constitution lends helping hand to Dokkarans and finds suspicious activities

USS Constitution lends helping hand to Dokkarans and finds suspicious activities

TALOS SECTOR — After the soil of Kelan, a planet inhabited by a group of settlers, was poisoned through unknown factors, the USS Constitution assisted with finding a new home for the group of sixty Dokkarans.

With shore leave wrapped up, many officers aboard the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) have walked away with shiny new pips adorning their collars. Captain Jalana Rajel returned from a draining visit home with new hopes and refreshed excitement. Commander T’Mar and Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael, though both capable, were more than pleased to resume their normal duties.
Meanwhile, a group of Dokkarans made their home for several decades on a new world, Kelan. All had been well until recent times when their holy garden fell ill and threatened the wellbeing of their cherished Vizinyian Tree. The voted leader, Awern Lirane, and their leading scientist, Merina Lirane, made the decision to reach out to Starfleet for help in locating a new home.
The USS Constitution-B, the nearest ship available, accepted the request of the species quite possibly doomed on their previous home. The crew jumped in, head first, with preparations for the unique species and hunted down a world that looked most suitable: Dragorin VI of the Talos Sector. Sickbay took on the duty of healing the plant-based species.
“They are sentient plants,” said Lieutenant Junior Grade Milissa Merriment from the nursing staff. “You really can never judge a book by its cover.”
What should have been a simple transplant became filled with questions and speculations. Lieutenants JG Solaris McLaren and Chelin Ch’Garbor picked up a signal which emanated from an unknown location and transmitted to an equally questioned location. Their research into the matter brought up possible Orion Syndicate affiliations.
Soon after, Ensign Prudence Blackwell and Ensign Na’Lae Mendak stumbled upon a tracking device in one of the Dokkaran’s ships and a strange comm frequency was picked up by the bridge with unknown origins. There is speculation of the two possibly being connected. Sickbay made headway in the ailment of the Dokkarans, a cellular mutation. Little time was wasted in providing the organic lifeforms with treatment as the USS Constitution entered the Talos sector and approached Dragorin VI at impulse.

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