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Tribble convention a success despite troubled opening

STARBASE 118 — Despite a troubled opening night that saw the inauguration dinner abandoned amid concerns of “weaponized tribbles,” the 2393 Tribble Fanciers Association Convention was a critical and commercial success.

Although the station’s press secretary AJ Craig refused to comment on reports that tribbles had been genetically modified to administer poison and sleep-inducing effects, unnamed sources within Starfleet Security have confirmed that they are looking to speak with Boris Malinov, a well-known breeder of the creatures who disappeared shortly after Anseidora Dorfmann, the keynote speaker, was incapacitated as she delivered her address. It is presently believed that he is not aboard Starbase 118 and may have clandestinely traveled to one of the many neutral worlds along the Federation/Klingon border.

Despite this early setback, the convention has been considered a resounding success with approximately 26,000 visitors to the Promenade Convention Centre in the station’s “New York District”—in addition to those who already live and work aboard the Beta Quadrant’s largest outpost.

“Everybody aboard this magnificent starbase has been wonderfully accommodating,” said Kal Danaril, a tribble breeder who took part in the convention. “I’m even considering a permanent move to the Commercial Sector.”

The Tribble Fanciers Association announced last night that the 2394 convention will be held on Penthara IV, which marks the largest commercial event to be held on the nascent Federation colony world.

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