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Poll of the Week: Best Friends

This week we will be focusing on the critters we call our silent best friends – I’m referring to the pets for some of our favorite characters in Star Trek!

Which pet did you like the best, or which pet would you have liked to have had yourself? Was it Captain Archer’s Porthos? Or how about a more alien pet, I-Chaya, Spock’s boyhood pet sehlat? Or maybe you’d like best the more exotic Christina the Lycosa tarantula, kept by Miles O’Brien, or maybe it was Spot, Data’s pet cat that would make you purr. Or how about the morphing cat and partner of the mysterious Gary Seven, Isis, or would it be Neelix the cat owned by Reginald Barclay? Or maybe you are like me, and a simple Tribble would be best!

Head over to the polls and vote away – and have yourselves a purrrfect week!

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