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Crew of USS Atlantis trapped on DS26 during lockdown

DEEP SPACE 26 – After the promotions ceremony in the arboretum of DS26, the station went on lockdown for undisclosed reasons.

“The situation on Deep Space 26 is under control,” said Starfleet Public Affairs officer Commander A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco. “Until the investigation is complete, we are considering the matter a top priority security issue.”

During the promotion ceremony, Deep Space 26 suddenly went on lockdown on for unknown reasons, and the majority of the crew of Atlantis wound up trapped, while the remaining crew managed to make their way back to the docked Atlantis. Due to communications being sporadic in the ship and station, it took some time to gather the crew together on board the Atlantis. In some cases, they had to cut through the lockdown in order to get out of the station. However, a headcount revealed that Captain Raj Blueheart had gone missing.

Shortly after the crew returned to the Atlantis, the station’s power returned to normal. Admiral Garcetti called a meeting with Lieutenant Commander Tracey Townson and Commander Dickens, while the crew of the Atlantis and station Operations attempted to discover the reasoning and cause of the lockdown. While what the meeting revealed is unknown, it was clear that the two were under strict orders not to talk about it, indicating something disturbing had happened.

Admiral Garcetti declined further comment to the press. Stay tuned for further updates.

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