A Closer Look: The USS Gemini

The beginning of the year has seen several new ships launch into the fleet, ready to explore the unknown and search for new life and new civilizations. One of them is brand new: The Dakota Class USS Gemini under the command of Commander Liam Frost. Let’s take a closer look…

From the ships’ wiki page: The Dakota is the evolution of the Cheyenne class, but upgraded to reflect nearly three decades of technological development. Weapons, defensive systems, engines and sensor suites have all been upgraded to serve effectively in a variety of roles. The Dakota class is designed to provide Starfleet with a multi-mission capable platform. Described as the workhorse of the modern fleet, it is capable of carrying out diplomatic and exploration missions. with a minimum of support. While not as powerful as a combat vessel such as the Sovereign or Achilles classes, it is capable of providing effective support in the defense of Federation interests, and is capable of defending itself from potential threats that can sometimes come from exploring the unknown.

Commander Frost was nice enough to answer a few questions I had about the Gemini. When asked why he chose the Dakota Class for his first command: “I chose the Dakota class because it was the best fit for the different criteria that I had. First off, I wanted a true multi-mission platform. Something that could explore, or take on a diplomatic role, but could still defend herself in a fight if need be. Second, with a crew of about 375, it was the right size. I also wanted something unique that wasn’t already a part of the active fleet. I didn’t want to feel like I was just copying someone else’s work. And, of course, the part of my brain that’s still an 8-year-old wanted something that looks cool.”

Captains often pick the name of their ship regarding a special meaning. I asked him if this was the case with the Gemini: “The name was something special from an In-Character perspective. Liam was born on Luna, so I’ve always believed that the NASA programs (along with Mercury and Apollo) would be important to anyone who cared about the history of their home. To Liam, the Gemini is as important to his history as Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar are to the British, or the Mayflower to the Americans.”

Gemini is operating in a region of space known as “The Borderlands,” neutral area along the Klingon Border with the Federation. Little is known about it and the Gemini will be on the forefront to represent Starfleet and the Federation. “[The Gemini] has the range to be an effective explorer, and state-of-the-art scientific equipment befitting a brand new exploration platform. But she’s no slouch in a fight either. She’s not a warship by any stretch, but if someone comes looking for a fight, the Gemini can hold her own. And with the nature of her Area of Operations, that’s not a matter of if, but when,” says Commander Frost.

Fun Fact about the Gemini: According to Frost, “Her Registry number, NCC-80564 corresponds to the launch date of Gemini 1 (April 5th, 1964).”

I want to thank Commander Frost for taking the time to discuss his new ship with the News Team. You can follow the exploits of this new ship on their In Character Google Group, and see some behind the scenes stuff on the Gemini’s Forums.

Be on the lookout for more Ship Closeups coming soon!

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