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Two Weeks Left for July & August Writing Challenge

The blue-green grasses of the Irimari plains sighed in murmurs of a youth of too quick a passing. Laughter from a distant farmstead carried on the breeze in recognisable peals. Chen and Dar had been walking in silence for some time, the reason for their stroll along the plains driven between them like a wedge. …

This particularly descriptive bit of tension comes to you courtesy of the winner of the May & June Writing Challenge, Ed, aka Fleet Captain Diego Herrera, in his story “Not Until This World Burns.” With only about two weeks left until the August 27th deadline of the current Challenge, the Writing Challenge team encourages you to take a look back through the winning entries, perhaps by perusing the full list of winners, or by reading a bit from May & June’s runner-up, “Lessons from the Past,” from Marissa (Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti):

This was life! Of all that existed and all that his mind and body would experience, it was the moments between the moments that mattered. Now, after half a life lived, after having spent most of it making beautiful music, he realized that the most beautiful song paled deeply in comparison to her face. It was the first hints of love, and something that he would pass on through the ages by way of the symbiont that rested deep down inside. …

We look forward to seeing what you have to offer, so hurry on over to the Writing Challenge forum!

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