Writer’s Workshop: The Macro Versus Micro Challenge

writing-ideas-originalTime. It’s one of the greatest obstacles to overcome within the realm of role-play. Obviously we can’t account for every moment of every day, especially in the scope of doing so from the point of view of the characters we play, as well as the plot storyline as a whole. It can be difficult to incorporate everything together to develop both the characters involved, on top of the plot, which is why you as a player should be aware of how we split time up within the realm of role-playing.

While there are many different types of role-playing games out there that vary widely from tabletop to play-by-post, to what we do in our Play By Email, but each of them face similar challenges when it comes to the timeline. How do we separate the Micro events of our character’s day to day life from the Macro events of the ship’s plot, and then what effect does all of that have on the overall “Epic” timeline of the Fleet?

It’s not always easy to figure out, but Roleplayingtips.com offers some good information in their article ‘As Time Passes…‘ which can help you segment these different viewpoints of time and put them all back together in a way that not only helps create realism within the world where we play, but also within our character’s themselves. Take a look and learn more so that you can easily overcome the role-playing challenges related to such timelines.

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