Poll of the Week: Social circles

Poll of the Week: Social circles

Facebook and Twitter logosLike internet forums, various online social networking sites have been around for years. From simple chat servers to dating sites which have given way to modern day giants like Facebook and Twitter. Similar to forums millions of people’s interest in these social networks is a phenomenon that has allowed businesses to flourish by advertising themselves and inspiring a feature length Hollywood film.
So with the idea of fostering connections between people, often internationally, its no wonder that so many people are involved and spend a sizable amount of time on such sites. With that in mind this week’s poll is this: do you participate in any such social networks and if you do, how often do you use them? Facebook and Twitter while being amongst the biggest are by no means the only ones out there on the web so your welcomed to share which networks you use as well. If you don’t use any social networks or prefer not to then you can tell us why you don’t use them.
As always, only share what your comfortable with. There is plenty of room on both sides of this poll to comment on so visit the forums and leave a comment or two because that is where the fun begins.

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