Poll of the Week: From the Depths 1 – Marc Alaimo

This week, Poll of the Week launches the first of a series of themed polls relating to the Star Trek TV series. Every other week, we’ll be focusing on one of the well-known trek actors who has played a variety of different roles throughout the different series, and shining the spotlight on their lesser known characters. We’ll then be asking you to decide which of those characters you think they played best! We start this week with Marc Alaimo, best known for his role as Gul Dukat in Star Trek Deep Space Nine – the question is, which of his other characters struck you the most?

There’s plenty of opportunity for discussing actors, characters and episodes, so come on down and let us know what you think!


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  1. JaGul Neela Macet

    Why – Gul Macet of course!!!
    The first Cardassian Uniform!! (Glad they changed that!!lol)