January Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

USS ChallengerDiscovery remains trapped within the Dyson Sphere. With Eriksen, the former Captain of the USS Melbourne, now in custody in Discovery’s brig, pending court martial, the crew of the Discovery begins to run food and medical supplies to other ships prioritized by greatest need. Meetings provide data accumulated over years by other crews and slowly, the crew begins to put together a picture of what’s going on.

However, for all their efforts, no clear resolution presents itself until the senior staff of the Discovery are transported off the ship to an unknown location where their ‘host’ is revealed, Trelane. Somewhat older but no more mature, the former Squire of Gothos is displeased that the Captain has been interfering in his fun. The sphere had been created by his parents to contain him; in retaliation, Trelane admitted to murdering them both. Using similar tactics to that employed by Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise, the senior officers work to overtax Trelane’s abilities. Lt. Inarr Rogg d’Squamos, now in command of the ship, orders a direct hit on the planet. Trelane is sufficiently weakened and communications are restored. The crew is returned to Discovery and fires a full torpedo spread, fore and aft, at Trelane, presumably destroying the machine he uses to augment his abilities.

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