Forums Roundup: April 2012

Forums Roundup: April 2012

It’s already April! Where’s the time gone? It seems like things are moving quite quickly both in, and out of character. Sometimes, it goes so quickly that it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on outside of your own ship. But as the community and Fleet-wide aspects of Starbase 118 make it just what it is, so to help everyone get a good glimpse of the latest and greatest, here’s some of the more important happenings going on around the Forums (and Fleet) this month:
Be sure to stop by and check out the latest entries for the current writing challenge. The theme this time is ‘The Storm’, which promises to bring out some interesting submissions. Be sure to get yours in before time runs out!
The Top Sims contest is always looking for new additions. If you’ve read a great sim lately, and you want to share it with the Fleet, make sure to submit it here so that it can go up against the best sims from all of our ships. Check out the latest rounds where voting is taking place, as well as what’s been submitted lately:
Take a minute to stop by and welcome the newest members of the Fleet. Our welcome thread is a great way to get to know new officers who might just be simming with you on your ship soon!
Be sure to check in the Duty Post forums to talk with other officers throughout the Fleet who play the post you play. Get ideas and share thoughts with those who wear the same color collar as you:
Don’t forget; this Fleet is as great as it is because its members have a real stake in everything that’s done. Want to know where you fit in? Check out the many Fleet-wide activities that can use you!
With April already in full swing, it’s easy to lose track and let time slip by. That’s why it can be so important to take just a moment today to connect with your fellow officers throughout the Fleet. Check out these activities, and the many more, all located conveniently on the Starbase 118 forums.

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