Meet Ensign Nevarass

Meet Ensign Nevarass

Deltans, a species which first debuted in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, are a species of philosophically advanced, extremely sexual beings who believe Humans to be sexually immature. They are characterized by their bald heads and those in the service of Starfleet are required to take an oath of celibracy. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the writer for Ensign Alahndra Lelwin Nevarass, a Deltan who serves on the USS Independence-A.

I asked her what first drew her to the Deltan species. She wrote,

I was drawn to the Deltan species because there is little actual information in the Star Trek Canon about them. Therefore, I have complete creative license with my character. I can fabricate her culture, her values, etc. which is quite interesting at times. I do sometimes worry about meeting another simmer who did the same thing… But hopefully if that ever happens, I will work with that individual to merge our cultures somehow.

As with all team-writing exercises such as UFOP: Starbase 118, a willingness to work with others will go a long way when it comes to writing for one’s character.
To glean a little insight into writing for a Deltan, I asked Nevarass if she took particular care in weaving aspects of Deltan philosophy or attitudes into her sims. Specifically, I wanted to know how her character’s “Deltan-ness” affected her in day-to-day life, and what made Deltans different. She wrote,

Alahndra was born a full-blooded Deltan. Deltans are supposed to be telepathic, but due to an allele difference in gene twelve, she is an empath. This made her feel like an outcast, though in reality she is very desirable. Deltan empaths have the ability to form bonds with those they care about deeply, and the bond can allow for emotional and sensual communication, even at great distances.
She discovered at sixteen, when she took her first lover, that she had the ability to form a permanent bond, which she did accidentally to one of her best friends (male) who went to the Academy shortly afterwards. She loves him very much, and though he (he will remain unnamed for now) can constantly feel her, and she him, they haven’t communicated in about four years or so due to an argument that neither of them can remember the cause.

An interesting and powerful backstory, and one which sows the seeds for plots further down the line. Since Alahndra writes on the Independence with me, I’m looking forward to seeing this particular plot play itself out!
She had more to say, however.

However, the main thing that makes Deltans different is the fact that they must take an oath of celibacy, which can make inter-species relationships a little difficult. Alahndra felt that she belonged in the stars, so she willingly took the oath. The great thing about being a Deltan empath is that there are many avenues to having a relationship without actually breaking the oath… ::mischievous grin:: Alahndra is definitely a rule breaker at heart. She is passionate, giving love freely. This may get her into trouble in the future.

This is an interesting philosophical standpoint and one I found intriguing. Personally, I feel that to write good drama a character has to suffer in some way- it’s through this suffering that their resolve is tested and we can see what they’re really like. Alahndra’s writer is obviously, once again, preparing for her character to endure some suffering… or, at least, to have some consequences for her actions. Which is really good drama.
Lots of very good information there, although she did say…

At this point I am probably rambling.

Now there we will have to agree to disagree!
To wrap things up, I wanted to know if Alahndra had any advice for other writers who sim for unique or different species. She said,

As far as advice for those playing unique characters, I would recommend never stemming creativity. It’s all about freedom, to me.

Well, Fleet Admiral Wolf’s signature says “This story is about Freedom”… so I can’t argue with that.
I’d like to thank the Ensign for her time, and for her very detailed responses. Look for more in-depth writing, expertly penned drama and interesting plot twists in upcoming sims by Ensign Alahndra Lelwin Nevarass!

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