It’s All In The Ending…

Everyone loves a happy ending, unless of course, that’s not what your audience wants. There are plenty of ways to end our stories, or at least pause them so that our sims don’t end up being miles long, but how many of those ‘so called endings’ are really fulfilling to our crewmates?

Writing a sim is never just about you and your character. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of what we do here in the Starbase 118 Fleet is to provide interesting and unique stories for our fellow crew members. If we don’t put thought and effort into giving those people, who are also our audience, what they want, then slowly everyone’s writer begins to lose interest in the story, and the game. Since we don’t want that ending, we must learn to write better so that we are not only enjoying reading the sims of our crewmates, but we are giving back the same level of enjoyment to them.

Knowing what your readers want, however, can be difficult. It’s a lot like mind reading, which is a gift that a few of us only have In Character. Thankfully, accomplished writer Cat Rambo has taken the time to give some guidance on how to really attain that goal of reader satisfaction with her blog post The Secrets of Ending a Story Well. She too believes that writing the perfect endings are not always the simplest part of the story, but with time, and the right path, you too can learn just how to entice your crewmates into coming back for more by integrating the perfect closure to your sims, storylines, and subplots.

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