Forums Roundup: November 2011

Forums Roundup: November 2011

With the end of the year upon us, things are getting more and more hectic in both our online world and our real lives. The holidays are quickly approaching and that means the annual awards ceremony is as well! With seventeen years already behind the Starbase 118 RPG as it is, it is exciting to see that we are still going strong. We have our community to thank for this; a community that comes together on the SB118 forums. Without any end to the things you can talk about and groups that you can join, the forums can be a great place to hang out when you have a few extra minutes this winter.
Since time is short, knowing some of the best places to look can help us quickly locate the fun this month:
In October, we held the first annual Halloween avatar contest for the whole fleet. Each ship chose a theme and created avatars based on that theme. The winners will be announced soon, but for now, take a look at the rules and then check each of the ship forums for the entries:
Don’t forget to vote in the end of the year vote off for the top sims contest. The winner will claim the title for all of 2011. Read the submissions and then cast your vote:
Sometimes, it can be helpful to connect with others who also serve in the duty post that you do. Check out the duty post forums to see what other officers playing similar roles to your own are doing:
Looking to have some fun while getting to know the other members of our fleet? Take a trip over to the games forum and jump into one of the silly Trek-themed games that members are playing today:
Don’t forget the poll of the week! Each week there is a new question, with potential for tons of answers. Weigh in on the conversation here:
Remember, your ship has it’s own forum board as well, where you can play games and get to know your crew a little bit better too! Head on over to the forums today and join in the fun.

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