December 2010

Della Vetri promoted to Commander

Della Vetri has been approved by the Captains Council for promotion to the rank of Commander, after completing the standard requirements and exams. She will now have the opportunity to

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Species Close-up: the Pifili

Part of 2 of a 2 part series on a non-canon species encountered by the USS Challenger. Part 1: the Aarakocra. The planet of Kaclla II, visited by the Challenger

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++Breaking news: only 10% of Romulus evacuated so far++ Reports from early listening probes indicate that Hobus has gone nova, and will strike the Romulan home system faster than expected:

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Nov./Dec. Writing Challenge closing soon

Have you submitted your Writing Challenge submission for November & December round? The theme is “what if Praxis never exploded?” The round closes on Friday, December 31st. Head to the

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