Forums roundup – Saturday, May 3rd

This week on the forums we see the end of the current Writing Challenge. The winner is soon to be announced, so don’t forget to check that out, and find out what the next topic is… The new Weekly Poll is up, and bound to generate a great debate as they seem to be doing. This week we want to know your favourite class of Federation Starship. Are you an older generation lover, or more for the newer style battleships? Come and let us know!

As we all know, each ship sims and operates in different ways to each other, and our dedicated crews always need a place to comment on things happening on their ship, so I invite you to check out the fleet’s Current Mission threads. Stemming from the Discovery -B’s Current Plot hot topic to the Ursa Major’s Dusty Trails thread, it’s always interesting to know what’s going on throughout the fleet.

As always, the Forums are a key player in all things fleet related, from official Duty Posts discussion to upkeep of the famous 118Wiki . It’s always worth coming along – or joining the appropriate Yahoo! Group – to find out more.

We hope to see more participation on the Forums, and we always have lots of fun stuff going on – be it picking out the best First Officer, Blaming McCall, finding out why it’s so quiet in the Nonsense! Forum, or listing all the ways to Cook a Tribble!

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