Ship Report – Duronis II Embassy

Ship Report – Duronis II Embassy

Taking a number of Laundean scientists onboard the Nova-Class starship USS Resolution, the Embassy staff ought to have completed a routine short trip to gather readings on the Duronis system sandbar. With the Laundeans eager to gather data on the phenomenon that has restricted warp travel through the Duronis system, this simple diplomatic courtesy and demonstration of scientific co-operation between the Federation and Duronis II was dramatically cut short.

Laundean terrorists that believe Duronis II should be kept free of Off-worlders attacked a small trade freighter. Suddenly, the crew of the Resolutionwas left having to decide between rescuing those trapped in the resulting subspace phenomenon and damaging both the Sandbar and space or to leave them trapped behind. Massive damage to subspace could have resulted in Duronis II’s physical isolation, minor damage would reflect badly on the Federation and negotiations with the new Laundean government would be dramatically weakened. The matter was resolved both with a mix of daring and scientific ingenuity but not before the Resolutionwas damaged in space battle.

Pressure on Ambassador Rocar was added to when Senator Or’Lok, of the Romulan Star Empire, showed up. With the UFoP and Zalkonian Ambassadors already in place, the arrival of Or’Lok completed the establishment of the three superpowers trying to negotiate and win over the Laundeans. After a minor confrontation between the Romulan vessel and the Resolution, both under the command of their first officer’s at the time of the incident, the remainder of the experience Romulan diplomat’s arrival was both polite and quiet. Despite this, more sinister exploits had occurred unbeknownst to the Federation staff. Betazoid Gwen Hilzarie was affected by a combination of unusual interstellar activity and the gentle probing scans of a Reman, thus causing Gwen to viciously attack Sheriden with her phaser and temporally affecting both her husband and children.

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