Star Trek

A Glaring Movie

Ah, the wonders of Photoshop. It and other programs like it (thank goodness for GIMP!) have heralded an age where the average layperson can do everything from turning a colour

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In Pursuit, Warp 9

Star Trek wouldn’t be the same without the ability to warp. With a galaxy as vast as the Milky Way, it’s the only thing that would grant humans (and aliens)

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Top Picks: Baby, Baby!

Fans of Star Trek have never had any qualms of showing their love for the series and its subsequent movies. We, as members of Starbase 118, show our love for

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Trekkie Service

As we all know, Starfleet isn’t just about exploration, but it’s about establishing new trades as well as creating new alliances. Of course, it also doubles as a military establishment.

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Gay, The Final Frontier

Gene Roddenberry told The Advocate in 1991 that gay crew members would been included in the fifth season of TNG. Unfortunately, he died later that year and Star Trek has

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So You Want To Be A Gamer

Gamers: A unique breed; creative, out of the box, problem-solving people. To the uninitiated, gaming can be a bit daunting, but fear not. I have a plan; I can walk

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