Have you visited our forums lately? Join the conversation!

Have you visited our forums lately? Join the conversation!

Our UFOP: StarBase 118 community forums encourage OOC (out of character) communication among players from across the fleet, as a way to build camaraderie. This short introduction to our forums will hopefully whet your appetite to head on over and dive into the conversations and fun!
Every ship, when launched, is given its very own forum where crew members can discuss topics relevant to their ship. These can range from threads that encourage players to get to know each other, or polls to select a shuttle name on a newly launched ship, or threads with funny quotes from sims.
There are also plenty of forums that are more general in purpose, like our Star Trek forums – where you can chat about the upcoming show or recently released movie; contest forums, like our Top Sims and Featured Bio nomination areas; and even the General Discussion forum for any other nonsense you can think of! There are other forums for IC forum-based simming, and also forums for specific discussion about improving particular parts of our community.
Did you know the Captains Council and Executive Council have their own forums where there they handle command-level discussions and take care of the back-end day-to-day issues that the fleet?
All of our forums are intended as a safe way to reach out to other players and talk about our fleet. They bind us with an overall sense of community that is unattainable with the wiki alone.
Help us continue to build the forums – click here log in now and take a look around!

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