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As we all know, Starfleet isn’t just about exploration, but it’s about establishing new trades as well as creating new alliances. Of course, it also doubles as a military establishment. As such, officers in Starfleet hold rank. Ensigns, Lieutenants, Captains all make up the various levels in Starfleet. Of course, most of us don’t hold any sort of military rank in real life. Nope, that’s one of the things we only hold in our game – or if you work for Netflix.

Well, all right, maybe you don’t really gain rank and a new title when you work for Netflix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. Of course, it’s even more fun when it’s Star Trek, right? That’s what Michael, a representative of Netflix, and Norm, a customer with a problem, thought when Norm initiated contact with customer service via online chat.

Norm had been watching Parks and Rec when his Netflix service suddenly went haywire and began to repeat the same three seconds over and over and over again, a situation reminiscent of “Groundhog Day”. Of course, Norm isn’t going to stand by and just watch the same clip multiple times for the rest of his life. Norm contact Netflix and Mike answered his cry for help with “Captain Mike of the good ship Netflix”. Norm, who must be a Trek fan himself, jumped in with both feet. Save for two lines in the very beginning, neither broke character as they worked together to solve the problem.

Of course, Netflix is pretty cool by the mere fact you can access episodes of Star Trek via its service. However, I have to say, Mike just made the streaming video giant even more awesome. Head on over to read the transcript in its entirety.

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Amanda, the writer behind Alora DeVeau is a 43 year old woman who has been a fan of Star Trek for as far back as she can remember. She began her foray into roleplaying with White Wolf table top games back in 1996, and her experience with PBEMs began in 1999 with a Dragonriders of Pern game. She has written and roleplayed in a variety of scenarios including original fantasy games, Dungeons and Dragons, and Amber Diceless. She found SB118 back in 2013 while looking for a Star Trek PBEM that could withstand the test of time. It's complex world-building structure and longevity encouraged her to take the plunge, and she only wishes she could have found the group sooner. She is a happily married homeschooling mom to four children, and also a servant to three cats.
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