Top Picks: Baby, Baby!

Top Picks: Baby, Baby!

Fans of Star Trek have never had any qualms of showing their love for the series and its subsequent movies. We, as members of Starbase 118, show our love for the genre by roleplaying in the world created by Gene Roddenberry. Of course, our children will also grow up with the love for Star Trek, right?
Of course they will! And every Trekkie is going to peruse and at the very least drool over the various offerings one can find on the Internet. There are more than you might think! Below are my ten favourite baby items for those of us with little bundles of joy.
10. USS Starship Enterprise Nursery Ceiling Mobile – Rainbow Colors
I’ve honestly never been a fan of mobiles. We co-slept with all three of my children (and still co-sleep with my one year old), so our crib didn’t get used much. Our first slept in hers for about six months and was too old for a mobile by the time we finally moved her to the crib. Our second went straight from our bed to a big boy bed with a railing – and it’s likely our third will do the same. This little decorative mobile however almost makes me want to put the crib up just so I can have it hanging above. Heck, who needs a crib? I might just get one anyway.
9. Star Trek Diaper Bag
If you’re going to have a baby, you’re definitely going to need a diaper bag. The truth of the matter is, you’re going to have to schlep about ten times the amount you currently do once that wee one enters the world. What better way to carry all that stuff than in a trendy Star Trek Diaper bag? Best of all, you get to show the world how cool of a parent you are.
8. Spock Hat
Babies need to stay warm, and it’s a fact that you lose a lot of heat through your head. Since many babies are bald (or nearly so) when born, it is especially important those wee heads are covered. This way, however, not only does your baby’s head stay warm, you can turn him or her into one of Star Trek’s most recognisable alien races – a Vulcan! It’s all about the pointy ears, man.
7. Wooden Ta’al Teether.
Who doesn’t want to live long and prosper? Now you can bless your child every time they feel the need to gnaw on something – and save your knuckles in the process. Yes, that WILL be his/her favourite teether, until you get this one!
6. Star Trek Alphabet
I’m probably one of the weirdest moms to have ever existed. I’m not really into mobiles and don’t make much use of cribs. I also never decorated a nursery because my room was the nursery. That being said, certain items have made me wish I were more of the traditional sort, and this is no exception. Star Trek inspired letters are a great addition to any Trekkie nursery. You can help teach your child to read from an early age – and to love Star Trek at the same time!
5. Star Trek Baby Shoes
I find it difficult to resist a baby’s feet. They are just so tiny and adorable. How can you not just want to kiss and tickle them? At the same time, like a baby’s head, they need to stay warm and these sweet Star Trek themed baby shoes will do the trick. Your baby can take his or her first steps toward the final frontier in Trekkie style!
4. Star Trek Cloth Diaper
Okay, so maybe you’re going to think I’m a hippie, but one of the things I try to do is use cloth diapers. Of course, just because it’s cloth doesn’t mean it can’t be cute! Add a couple of these diapers and you’ll want your baby to go without pants just to show them off. Unfortunately, she’s sold out right now, but I’m going to keep an eye on this one for sure!
3. Star Trek Light Up Feeding System
Think Geek has always been one of my favourite places to go for all things geeky. It has yet failed to amuse me, and this is no exception. Babies are going to eventually get past the whole ‘insert milk only’ stage and move on to solids. Well, Think Geek has just the thing for you – a bib and matching spoon of the Enterprise. Even better, they light up. Seriously, can it get any better than this?
2. Little Red Trekkie Uniform
Why yes. Yes it can. The Light up feeding system is really cool – and who can deny that the very fact it blinks makes it even more awesome. Still, at the same time, there’s something to be said for an item that can be worn on those cute little torsos. Now if you search the internet, or even just Etsy, there will be no shortage of Trekkie clothing for little ones. This particularly onesie, however, is just completely stylin’. I adore the way this one is designed and I’ve even emailed the person to see if they’ll make any in a size my infant son can wear (shhhh, don’t tell my hubby).
1. Star Trek Baby Carrier
For many, this may not be number one on their list, but it certainly is on mine. I’m a big proponent of babywearing. Not only do you get to keep the little bumpkin close, which the babies love, but you can also get something done. Besides, as parents, aren’t we captains of our own miniature crew? I wonder if I can convince my husband to let me get just one more carrier.
So that’s Alora’s top ten list of Trekkie paraphanalia for babies. Next time, we’ll look at items geared toward our older children. Until then, DeVeau out!

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