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Species Spotlight: Caitians

“That sound… it is so pleassant. Caan you not hearr it?”

The feline Caitian species hails from the Regulan system in the Beta Quadrant, and have been prominent members of the Federation since their admittance in 2234. With a representative serving on the Federation council, colony worlds throughout Federation space and Caitians serving extensively in Starfleet, they are ubiquitous throughout Federation territories, if not quite so much so as Humans, Andorians, or Vulcans.

The origins of the Caitian race are largely a mystery, though many scientists consider that they may share a common ancestor with the Lyrans or Kzinti. Either way, their claimed homeworld of Cait (Regulus V) is one that they have occupied since members of their species began recording history.

Unlike many other Federation members, Caitians did not discover warp drive on their own. Rather, they were invaded by a warp-capable race called the Kodom during the Caitians’ late industrial development. Fighting a guerrilla war against their attackers, the Caitians drove the Kodom off, and and managed to reverse engineer the warp drives of ships left by the invading race.

Caitians are a warm and friendly people who eschew violence whenever possible. Despite their calm and open nature, which is sometimes interpreted as flirtation by non-Caitians, they tend to avoid public displays of affection with their partners, as such displays for the benefit of others are not considered productive in the maintenance of a relationship. Caitians tend to be logical and scientifically minded, and thus, very few are religious.

Caitians tend to be quicker and stronger than humans of a comparable size, with excellent balance, eyesight, and particularly hearing. Their diet is primarily carnivorous, though they do partake of grains more out of necessity than preference. And due to the shape of their muzzles, when speaking English, they often tend to trill ‘R’s, or stretch out ‘S’ or vowels.

Many Caitians in Starfleet choose to specialize in sonic sciences or communications, due to the natural advantages their hearing provides them. There are a number of Caitian characters serving throughout the Starbase 118 fleet in a variety of capacities.

Learn more about this species through their Wiki Page!

SDC Spotlight: Tholians

The Tholians have long been one of the most interesting of the original series alien species, one that over the years has been elaborated on and added to in both printed form and in the various TV series that followed the original.

In that time they have grown and developed into a species with as rich a background as any of the more familiar alien races such as the Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians.

There is something about them that has always made them both interesting and menacing at the same time. A species that due to their very alien nature will always fail to understand us. One that can always be counted on to make a difficult situation even more difficult.

Maybe that is why we love them so much, or maybe it is simply that they embody the most basic belief that aliens are very, very different from us. Regardless, they will continue to be a source of danger and mystery and one of the few constants in an every changing universe.

SDC Progress

The SDC (Species Development Committee) has been hard at work slowly revitalizing the master ILI list on our very own wiki. The ILI is a list of all the species found in the Star Trek universe. This includes any and all original species created by members of the Starbase 118 community.

As a result of this ongoing work the SDC is proud to report that all the species on the list in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants falling under the letters U, W, X, Y and Z have been completed. They are now on the new page layout that all the species will eventually be on and a complete list of all sources used has been included.

The following letters on the list in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants have over half their entries already completed and all of them should be finished before the end of this year. These would be R, S, T, and V.

As well as these over 50 other species scattered through out the rest of the list have been completed or are currently under work.

Interested in helping out? Talk to your Captain, or contact Commander Tal Tel-ar for more information about joining the Species Development Committee!

SDC Spotlight: Tellarites

tellarite“Tellarites do not argue for a reason, they simply argue.” (Sarek of Vulcan, 2268)

Tellarites have been a vital part of the history of Starfleet and of the Federation as one of the founding members — yet they remain a species that never seemed to get its time in the sun. That is, until now.

Tellarites may have a reputation for being grumpy, argumentative, and just downright disagreeable. That is, however, part of their charm. Add to this the fact that they produce an alarming number of engineers and seem to excel at almost every type of engineering speciality and you can see why they have been a vital part of the Federation since its creation.

It is this dual set of characteristics that make them stand out. After all, we are all familiar with the image of the tall, slim, athletic officer with the short hair and polite manners. Almost every species that is a part of the Federation could fit that image.

Not the Tellarites. They blow it out of the water while still being interesting, impossible, infuriating and just different. That makes them one of the more challenging species to play.

It also allows us to see a more realistic vision of Gene Roddenberry’s dream. One where you have all kinds of people, even short, stout, hairy mouthpieces that can drive you up the wall at the same time as they make you smile and laugh.

SDC Spotlight: Zakdorn

zakdornThe Zakdorn are a playable species, one with the unusual reputation of being the best strategists in the universe. As a result they have not been challenged by any other species for more than 9 millennia. Odd, really, when you consider that they do not present a very intimidating aspect in person. They tend to be slightly overweight and appear to be slow-witted.

While it is true that they are not excellent athletes, they do have very intelligent and analytical minds. Unfortunately, they know it and are not afraid to show it. Many people go out of their way to challenge them, hoping to beat them. It is an extremely rare case when one of them is beaten at any kind of strategic game.

They can be smug and overconfident, but with good reason. They know what they can do. For the most part they occupy positions that requires excellent analytical or organizational skills. They can be found scattered all over the Federation working for Federation interests or as independent contractors.

As members of the Federation, their contribution has been lacklustre, except for the fact that they tend to occupy jobs where their skills can best be utilized.

They are probably one of the harder species to sim for. After all, they tend to be more academic than physically motivated. That, and their general attitude of superiority, can make them into unique characters with great potential for character development.

SDC Spotlight: Zaranites

zaraniteThe Zaranites are a playable species. They were conquered by humans who had fled Earth after World War III. They were able to overcome this, regaining their own independence. Prior to this, their history was one of peaceful co-existence. War and conflict were unknown to them.

Upon learning of their negative history with humans, some experts were surprised by how positive the interactions were between the Federation and the Zaranites. As a result of these positive interactions, they were quickly offered membership in the Federation and they accepted.

They are carbon dioxide breathers and always wear a heavy metallic mask with twin air hoses leading to a small environmental backpack, when in class M environments. They also tend to prefer to wear heavy gray robes in public. They are hairless with shiny light brown skin.

Since becoming members of the Federation they have taken a very active role with both Starfleet and the Federation itself. They tend to be very hard working and self reliant. They are capable of withstanding incredible amounts of stress with no adverse side affects. And they have an unusual love of hunting in all its forms.

As a result they can be a very unusual, yet challenging species to sim for — one that has done its share to promote the ideals of the Federation.

The Species Development Committee’s Mission

SDC LogoAs time passes within the Starbase 118 community, things change — and mostly for the better, as new ideas and concepts are considered, debated, and then incorporated into our universe. This challenge is the same that concerns the Species Development Committee (SDC).

Currently, the SDC is hard at work breathing new life into the various wiki pages that contain the data for each and every species within the Star Trek universe. This includes those original species created by members of this community as well. The SDC’s goal right now is to provide detailed information using a standard template for every species on the wiki.

It is the committee’s hope that, by converting all the species over to a uniform page layout, it will make it easier for players to use and find information about any species they want. More importantly it will allow us to add any new information that you, the members of this diverse community, create. In the past, I have seen some incredible ideas that introduced brand new information about this species or that. Unfortunately, in the past, most of this new, original Starbase 118 content was lost due to the fact that there was no system in place to allow for it to be saved and added permanently to that species wiki page. No longer.

Now, at the bottom of every completed wiki page is a template with a link that will allow you the players to contact the SDC direct and pass on this information to us. We will then review it and if it meets with our approval add it. In this way we can all add to the rich tapestry that is the Starbase 118 Community.

Species Development Interview

Today we are with Commander Tal Tel-ar.

Leader of the Species Development Committee.

This group deals with creating new alien races to enter our little corner of the Star Trek Universe. The team works hard to research all of the correct information that can be used to create and implement their creation.

Could you give us a little bit of your background and your Starfleet career ?

Yes. I have been a member of Starbase 118 for 5 years this month. In that time I have served on a number of different crews including the USS Triumphant, USS Constitution-B, USS Eagle, USS Challenger, USS Challenger-A, Duronis II and the USS Apollo. I have also held a number of different positions starting as a security officer and progressing through tactical, helmsman, mission specialist and being the Chief of Security, Tactical and Operations as well as a Diplomat, Intelligence Officer, 2nd Officer, 1st Officer, Acting Captain and temporary Captain.

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