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Lower Decks: Ensign Will Stead

Will SteadWelcome to another edition of the Lower Decks, featuring Ensign Will Stead, the USS Apollo’s newest operations officer. Personal quirks are something that the character is quite familiar with, but first, we’ll hear a bit from Will’s writer. Let’s hear just what he has to say… Ensign?

The writer for Mr. Stead is one Trent Schreyer. Trent hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has been involved with Star Trek for most of his life. From watching the TNG reruns around the dinner table, to recalling old TOS episodes from his childhood days, Star Trek has always been a part of his life. When Trent isn’t near the Trek scene, he enjoys the nightlife, a little Star Wars and other gaming, and researching various aspects of the Star Trek franchises. He dabbled in PBeM groups once before, but stumbled back across them through Google, ultimately landing him a seat in the USS Apollo. “This is my first character since simming with a pbem group when I was 18 ish (13-14 years ago).  [ I’m] Looking to explore this hobby and develop my writing skills.”

Poll: The Many Malfunctions of Mr. Data

A common plot point in ‘The Next Generation’ was the susceptibility of Cmdr. Data to damage or tampering, and the resulting eccentric or unpredictable reactions. So, I thought it would be interesting to poll the masses: which was the most entertaining example? You should jump over to the forums to weigh in and cast your vote!