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We Have A Winner!

The history of the world, though short in comparison to the history of the universe itself, is rife with love and romance, wars and battles. Kingdoms have been formed and have fallen. Men and women alike have made their mark, their names passed down from generation to generation, never to be forgotten for either their deeds or misdeeds.

Star Trek, too, has its own history.

Flashback Week Starts Today!

If you’re looking for something fun to do, and a competition to enter outside of Starbase 118 (and a part of the larger, RPG community), then consider taking part in the Ongoing World’s Flashback Week competition. A yearly event hosted by Ongoing Worlds, Flashback Week encourages RPG writers to include a flashback, and look into the past of their character, in their writing for that week. Most of us include small flashbacks here and there, and even use them as a way to address tags at times, but this time, we’re asking you to create an entire story within your flashback.