We Have A Winner!

The history of the world, though short in comparison to the history of the universe itself, is rife with love and romance, wars and battles. Kingdoms have been formed and have fallen. Men and women alike have made their mark, their names passed down from generation to generation, never to be forgotten for either their deeds or misdeeds.

Star Trek, too, has its own history. From its humble beginnings as a mere thought in the mind of Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek expanded to encompass five live action series, one animated series, twelve motion pictures, as well as a myriad of books, comics and games. Starbase 118 is one of these games. For almost twenty years, it has provided a haven for those who wish to explore this unique and complex universe.

Among those at Starbase 118, certain names seem to pop up time after time due to their involvement and dedication to the game. One such name is that of Ed Brown, mastermind behind Fleet Captain Diego Herrera. His involvement is not, however, limited to just within the Starbase. Recently, he submitted a story to Flashback Week as hosted by Ongoing Worlds. Not only did he submit it, but Ed’s story was chosen as the winner for this year.

Ed has a lovely style that brings out the colour and personality not only of the characters he writes for, but also of the world in which we play. It is easy to visualize the people and Ed makes sure that we have insight into their emotions and motivations. It’s easy to see why his story was chosen as the winner of Ongoing World’s Flashback Week.

Please take a moment to congratulate Ed on his accomplishment – and make sure you take the time to read “Indelible Memories”.

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Amanda, the writer behind Alora DeVeau is a 43 year old woman who has been a fan of Star Trek for as far back as she can remember. She began her foray into roleplaying with White Wolf table top games back in 1996, and her experience with PBEMs began in 1999 with a Dragonriders of Pern game. She has written and roleplayed in a variety of scenarios including original fantasy games, Dungeons and Dragons, and Amber Diceless. She found SB118 back in 2013 while looking for a Star Trek PBEM that could withstand the test of time. It's complex world-building structure and longevity encouraged her to take the plunge, and she only wishes she could have found the group sooner. She is a happily married homeschooling mom to four children, and also a servant to three cats.
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