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Poll of the Week: Life changing experiences

Some experiences are definitely life changing. It could be argued that all of our experiences alter our lives to some degree, but some of them make changes so deep that our lives are fundamentally and forever different. Initiating a relationship, getting married, having a child — or suffering an accident and permanent injury, for example. Whether we chose to experience these life changing events, or whether they come upon us in surprise, we must all adapt and learn to live with the consequences.

When simming, we want to make our characters alike to real people, even when our characters are living out their lives on starships set in the distant future. That means some of these events will also affect our characters. We have seen characters start or end relationships, have children or receive terrible injuries. But on this, we have control — we decide what experiences our characters go through, especially those experiences that will mark them forever.

For this week’s poll, we want to know how much you exercise this control. Do you carefully plan every major change for your character, or do you let them happen and explore them as they come? Come to the forums to tell us.

This is a new post in our category Simming Questions. Here we will be asking questions about our community, our characters and our writing, and how you interact with it all.

Background Check: Andrus Jaxx

::A pale white light appears through the darkness in the distance. Gentle sounds of low-pitched chimes and haunting plucked strings echo softly. The camera slowly zooms in on a shadowy figure wearing black who is looking down at the ground. Percussion builds and in a dramatic wash of cymbals the man looks up to the camera. He keeps a stoic expression and speaks with a sense of urgency as he faces the camera head on..::

Jorey: No one, no matter how hard they try, can escape their past. ::The camera angle changes. We are above him. He looks up at the camera and continues.:: To understand our present and predict the future, we must first understand our history. ::Jorey looks down toward the ground at a floor camera and the angle changes once again.:: This rule applies to everyone – criminals, masterminds and even our most celebrated heroes. We are not born, we are made. ::The camera swings up and begins to move out as the music builds to a final climax. A blurry mess of gold lettering fills the screen and slowly comes into focus revealing a graphic of the show’s title.:: I am Brayden Jorey… ::He raises an eyebrow.:: and this… is Background Check.

Green-Eyed, Freckled Science Officer (oh wait, that’s Researcher) – The Tutorial Series, Part 2

writing-ideas-originalNo, no… not a frisky, doe-eyed Science Officer! Rather that thing a person does to learn more about any given element… whether it’s the nuts and bolts of Warp Engines, the composition of starships, the mating rituals of Betazoids, or what exactly, is the daily routine of a security officer? The second in our 2013 Writing Improvement Month of tutorials by none other than that under-the-radar Fleet Captain, turned Professor Andrus Jaxx (just how do Trills chose their hosts?), this tutorial takes you on that journey of “OH… I never knew that!” and expose us to the available resources around the 118 Fleet and the web to aid in the further development and exploration of your character and the fascinating, exciting world around him or her (or it, even!).

Whether networking major Trek sites like Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, or the Daystrom Institute. Perhaps you might be interested in reading up what your fellow crew members both past and present have developed on our very own 118 Wiki. Research, hard or soft (or both), as well choosing which references are suitable to your topic, knowing how to use keywords in search engines while bookmarking what you feel is good content, are some of the elements used in defining your writing in the world of the story and what your character does, as well as doesn’t know, while helping your character to integrate into this rather expansive universe of science fiction.

Come check it out here!

2389 Fleetbook: Bios Needed

Sb118-stylized-10The Fleetbook team is currently collecting bios for all members of the fleet who were with us for 2389! We’re hoping to create comprehensive ship rosters that include bios for crew who were present during that year. Here’s what we need:

  • 250 words: Brief Character Bio (IC): Tell us what the most important facts are about your character, any achievements of theirs from before 2389, what their most defining personality trait is, or anything that you think we need to know about them!
  • 150 words: Personal Round-Up of 2389 (IC): What was the most important thing that happened to your character last year? How would you describe 2389 in a nutshell?

We’re looking to have everything collected and ready by February 28th. At that point, the process of adding them to the fleetbook will begin! Here’s where to submit your bios… (In order of preference – you don’t have to do both!)

1. Ask on your ship’s OOC thread if there’s a fleetbook rep on your crew! Mail your bio to them directly!

2. Go to the forums and drop it in here!

The team is eagerly anticipating receiving your bios! Act now!

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