2389 Fleetbook: Bios Needed

2389 Fleetbook: Bios Needed

Sb118-stylized-10The Fleetbook team is currently collecting bios for all members of the fleet who were with us for 2389! We’re hoping to create comprehensive ship rosters that include bios for crew who were present during that year. Here’s what we need:

  • 250 words: Brief Character Bio (IC): Tell us what the most important facts are about your character, any achievements of theirs from before 2389, what their most defining personality trait is, or anything that you think we need to know about them!
  • 150 words: Personal Round-Up of 2389 (IC): What was the most important thing that happened to your character last year? How would you describe 2389 in a nutshell?

We’re looking to have everything collected and ready by February 28th. At that point, the process of adding them to the fleetbook will begin! Here’s where to submit your bios… (In order of preference – you don’t have to do both!)
1. Ask on your ship’s OOC thread if there’s a fleetbook rep on your crew! Mail your bio to them directly!
2. Go to the forums and drop it in here!
The team is eagerly anticipating receiving your bios! Act now!

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