Green-Eyed, Freckled Science Officer (oh wait, that’s Researcher) – The Tutorial Series, Part 2

Green-Eyed, Freckled Science Officer (oh wait, that’s Researcher) – The Tutorial Series, Part 2

writing-ideas-originalNo, no… not a frisky, doe-eyed Science Officer! Rather that thing a person does to learn more about any given element… whether it’s the nuts and bolts of Warp Engines, the composition of starships, the mating rituals of Betazoids, or what exactly, is the daily routine of a security officer? The second in our 2013 Writing Improvement Month of tutorials by none other than that under-the-radar Fleet Captain, turned Professor Andrus Jaxx (just how do Trills chose their hosts?), this tutorial takes you on that journey of “OH… I never knew that!” and expose us to the available resources around the 118 Fleet and the web to aid in the further development and exploration of your character and the fascinating, exciting world around him or her (or it, even!).
Whether networking major Trek sites like Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, or the Daystrom Institute. Perhaps you might be interested in reading up what your fellow crew members both past and present have developed on our very own 118 Wiki. Research, hard or soft (or both), as well choosing which references are suitable to your topic, knowing how to use keywords in search engines while bookmarking what you feel is good content, are some of the elements used in defining your writing in the world of the story and what your character does, as well as doesn’t know, while helping your character to integrate into this rather expansive universe of science fiction.
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