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The Kodiak Legacy Endures

In March of 1999, the Federation starship Kodiak was launched under the command of Nav-kodiak-a.jpgCaptain Jasen Rendary and his first officer Commander Lang Vedoc. Later the ship would be best known as Vice Admiral Hollis Calley’s ship. The venerable Bajoran admiral would become the only player to have served aboard all of the various incarnations of the Kodiak as well as her successor ship, the Ursa Major. He would command all but the original Galaxy class ship. After all of these years, the mark of the Kodiak is still deeply imprinted in the fleet. Every single commanding officer currently serving in the Starbase 118 fleet traces his or her lineage back to the Kodiak under the command of Admiral Hollis.

Monthly Ship Summary: Kodiak

Three light years from DS17, USS Kodiak, NCC-800101-B successfully neutralized Omega Particles created by a secret Tzenkethi research colony.

Monthly Ship Summary: Kodiak

Kodiak continues its diplomatic mission to the One Kingdom: a star nation of thirteen systems ruled over by the semi divine Star Lord. The primary species of the One Kingdom is multi-armed, three legged race of beings called the Constellationites.

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