Monthly Ship Summary: Kodiak

Monthly Ship Summary: Kodiak

Kodiak continues its diplomatic mission to the One Kingdom: a star nation of thirteen systems ruled over by the semi divine Star Lord. The primary species of the One Kingdom is multi-armed, three legged race of beings called the Constellationites. Their culture is highly developed, showing strong artistic traits. More troublesome is their use of bond servants. These servants are the descendents of captured Grendellia soldiers. The Grendellia are a canine race of scavenger pirates previously encountered by Kodiak and Independence.

Admiral Hollis met with the Constellationite Bishop Uld to discuss the Kodiak brokering a meeting between the Gorn and the One Kingdom to resolve long standing disputes. At this time, Grendellia elements on the planet began a plot to overthrow their masters. They sent a Face Dancer (a bipedal shapeshifter) to the Kodiak to activate a device that will agitate the Grendellia bond servants, through the Kodiak’s deflector array. This Face Dancer did manage to activate the device and tie it into the Kodiak deflector dish. It surrendered to Kodiak security, but refused to assist in disconnecting the device. Admiral Hollis initiated self destruct, but Chief Engineer Nash managed to overload the deflector array and burn it out. Lieutenant Nash’s actions led to his own death.

Meanwhile on the surface, an away team from Kodiak is in the thick of the rioting.

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