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Star Trek Online: Regent-Class Assault Crusier

The Regent class is one of the newest class of starships that has been added to Star Trek Online. Here is a history with the advancements of this new ship of the line.

The Sovereign class’s first major engagement was the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373, when the U.S.S. Enterprise-E led the fight against a Borg invasion near earth. The Sovereign soon became the standard for which all assault cruisers were measured. Now this hallmark ship class gets a upgrade and sets a new standard — the Assault Cruiser Refit: Regent Class.

The Regent Class comes equipped with a Metreon Gas Canisters Console Mod. Metreon Gas is highly unstable, but when properly stored it can be safely replicated and transported. This Console Mod allows you to vent the gas from your Bussard Collectors and ignite it at will. The resulting explosions can be extremely devastating. This Console Mod can be equipped in any console slot. It may only be equipped on Sovereign variants, including the Assault Cruiser and Assault Cruiser Refit.

The Assault Cruiser Refit: Regent Class also comes with a Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher. This torpedo launcher has been upgraded with a Wide Angle targeting system that allows the torpedo to lock onto targets that would normally be outside of standard firing arcs, providing a 180-degree targeting arc. This launcher can be equipped on any starship, but you may only equip one.

The Assault Cruiser Refit configuration includes the Regent, Sovereign, Noble and Majestic classes.

Star Trek Online: New Romulus

Today it is my honor and privilege to bring you the news of the release of Star Trek Online’s seventh and newest season. For those of you that have not played in some time, there have been a few updates to the game. I have not played a lot myself  as of late, but I do constantly download the updates as they come. To get to the meat of what you will find in the update, take a look at the STO season updates, available here, and the full list of new features here.

This season also includes the release of a new class of starship, the Vesta. As with most STO classes, the Vesta includes the choice of three variants.  For those of you that know of the  “Destiny” trilogy of Star Trek novels, one of them is commanded by Captain Ezri Dax. The “Destiny” novels focus on the U.S.S. Aventine a vessel that was key in defeating the Borg in those books.

Find Your Conventions Here

The folks at have released their latest list of Star Trek conventions that may or may not be coming to a convention center near you. Centers for this next round of conventions include events like the Boston Super Megafest, the New Orleans Comic Con, and Starbase Indy. Check the website for more details, and come out and enjoy!

An Amazing 25 Years of Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Number One,” “Engage,” “Resistance is Futile,” “Make it so,” and “Tea, Earl Grey, hot.” It is hard to believe that it has been 25 years since Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered. The journey began with Encounter at Farpoint, not one of the franchise’s greatest, but one that showed off the incredibly advanced Enterprise-D, perhaps this incarnation’s best villain in Q, and of course the holodeck. It was a daring experiment, could you do Star Trek without Kirk, Spock, and McCoy (save for a random cameo in the pilot)? After seven years later, more than double the number of original series episodes, and an Emmy nomination for best drama TV series it was a definitive yes!

Lights Out on Trek?

Well, maybe not. A new Star Trek movie has been revealed, and what’s even more exciting is the title. Star Trek Into Darkness is not only adopting a more sleek-looking colon-less title scheme, but has also left many trek fans… well, in the dark.

Coming Soon… Feminine Trek

Are you tired of wearing the same old threads oriented toward your male Trekkie? Would you like to finally be able to wear all the trek gear you’ve always wanted, but geared more towards women like you? Well Her Universe, one of the top dogs in the female merchandising world, has picked up the liscensing rights to most all Star Trek apparel.

Coming to the Star Trek community July 11th of this year, her Universe will be debuting its new line of women oriented clothing to suit all her Trek fashion needs. The roll out is set to kick off at San Diego’s Comic Con, as well as online at Founder of Her Universe and voice actor Ashley Eckstein has always been invloved in the scifi genre for most of her career, and figured now would be as good a time as any to introduce some new ideas to the fashion world. “Star Trek has been one of the most requested Sci-Fi franchises from our fangirls,” said Eckstein. “It is truly a dream come true for me to design for this iconic brand. We plan to Boldly Go where no one has gone before with the first ever Star Trek apparel line just for women…” (Taken from

Having already done fashion lines for franchises such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and the ever-popular Doctor Who, this is sure to be a hit that in all honesty is a long time coming. No more baggy t-shirts or oversized hoodies; being able to show your trekdom in fitting style is finally a reality.

Here… Check out the article for a few more details!

Get Em While They’re Hot!

In celebration of 25 years of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Star Trek Official Store has released 24 limited edition poster’s depicting various scenes and characters from the coveted franchise. Prices vary from eight dollars, to $140.00, depending on which scene you chose. These things are going like hot cakes, and purchasing one should be on any Trekkies’ list. Here’s the link!

Imagine a Different Trek Uniform

There are plenty of what if’s that run around out there regarding the realm of trek; so many in fact that mirror universes and alternative dimensions are far from unheard of within the franchise. Perhaps one of the biggest thoughts regarding Trek and possible alternate choices involves the uniforms. What if they had been different? What if we hadn’t ended up with the designs that we ended up with?

The uniforms at the various stages of Trek are incredibly varied, but they are all iconic. Still, have you ever considered what things might have looked like if they took a different route? What about if they preserved the coloring of the original uniforms for the movies? Could we have skipped the Motion Picture uniforms (pajamas!) altogether and simply gone to this?


Image Credit:

Would your character wear one of these? Let us know in the comments below!

History Never Forgets the Name “Enterprise”

“Let’s Make Sure History Never Forgets The Name….Enterprise”

Those are the famous words uttered by Captain Picard in the Next Generation Episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (S3;Ep15). We are all aware of the Enterprises in Star Trek, however there were many ships named Enterprise in real life as well. With the US Naval Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) undergoing its final mission, I have decided to put together a chronological list of ships named “Enterprise”, both through history and into our future. In this multi segmented series, I will begin with the 18th Century with the very first Enterprise. The French vessel L’Enterprise.


This first Enterprise saw action between 1705 and 1707. and was quickly captured by the British Navy ship, the HMS Tryton in May of 1705. It served in the Mediterranean under the command of J. Paul. On May 19, 1707, W. Davenport took command and she saw action off of Leghorn, (Livorno) Italy. She wrecked on October 12, 1707 off of Thornton.

The Borg Defera Ground Invasion, Part One

The newest event in Star Trek Online involves the Borg ground assault in the Defera system. The situation is desperate: You and your fellow Starfleet officers have been called to defend the planet from the Federation’s most fearsome enemy.

The defense “event” runs for four hours, and begins with your transport down to Defera Prime. There are two possible theaters of engagement, the wide zone and the set zone. The wide zone is really a large, involved battle to defend the main city. You, of course, will get points and rewards for the successful defense, and if you are at level cap, the rewards are particles that can be used to craft new weapons. For those that are still building you get the points and the crafting particles. 

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