Coming Soon… Feminine Trek

Coming Soon… Feminine Trek

Are you tired of wearing the same old threads oriented toward your male Trekkie? Would you like to finally be able to wear all the trek gear you’ve always wanted, but geared more towards women like you? Well Her Universe, one of the top dogs in the female merchandising world, has picked up the liscensing rights to most all Star Trek apparel.
Coming to the Star Trek community July 11th of this year, her Universe will be debuting its new line of women oriented clothing to suit all her Trek fashion needs. The roll out is set to kick off at San Diego’s Comic Con, as well as online at Founder of Her Universe and voice actor Ashley Eckstein has always been invloved in the scifi genre for most of her career, and figured now would be as good a time as any to introduce some new ideas to the fashion world. “Star Trek has been one of the most requested Sci-Fi franchises from our fangirls,” said Eckstein. “It is truly a dream come true for me to design for this iconic brand. We plan to Boldly Go where no one has gone before with the first ever Star Trek apparel line just for women…” (Taken from
Having already done fashion lines for franchises such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and the ever-popular Doctor Who, this is sure to be a hit that in all honesty is a long time coming. No more baggy t-shirts or oversized hoodies; being able to show your trekdom in fitting style is finally a reality.
Here… Check out the article for a few more details!

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