Site Updates

Ranks page updated

The ranks page has been updated with new pip images (used directly from the wiki). The links to each rank page at the new wiki location has also been updated.

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Sidebar menu updated

The sidebar menu has been completely updated to reflect new wiki links, fleet changes in the last few months, as well as some other small changes to the site.

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Navigation menu updated

The navigation menu has been updated. The Podcast archive was added, the USS Steadfast’s website was removed, the Taskforces were updated, and the menu was fixed so that all links

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Taskforces area updated

The taskforces area of the site has been completed updated to prune old guilds which have closed, and adding new teams which have opened.

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Menu updated

The sidebar menu has been updated with appropriate links. See: Duty Posts, Vessel Websites, Guilds.

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New ship banners

Updated the rotating banner on the main page, and the respective fleet pages, with the banners for Triumphant and Discovery.

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