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So You Want To Create An NPC

You’ve now created your character, and have been playing him or her or it for awhile. But now, after a few months building your character, you want to create some

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The Man in Space

What is it about us Canadians? Why are we so proud of the things we accomplish? Maybe it’s because we come from a country where two official languages flourish. Where

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Smell & Taste of the Middle of the Galaxy

“Astronauts have consistently reported the same strange odor after lengthy space walks, bringing it back in on their suits, helmets, gloves and tools, It’s a bitter, smoky, metallic smell –

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William Shatner: Rock Star

Every year, Canadians celebrate the best in the Canadian music scene with the Juno Awards. The Junos are not much unlike the Grammies or the American Music Awards. However, they focus

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Mixed Berry Cobbler

Poor Trip, fending off ladies of all species who find him simply irresistible! In “Stigma,” it’s one of Dr. Phlox’s wives, Feezal. Trip desperately tries to keep Hoshi at the

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Carbon Creek Chili

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat that which the crew of Enterprise ate? Help comes from outer space via North Hollywood! Enterprise food stylist Dorothy Duder delivering

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