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Listen now! New podcast episode 2393-4 “Warp Drive 101” released

Welcome to the newest release of the UFoP: Starbase 118 podcast series! This episode is packed full of interesting news and articles from around the fleet. New members are welcomed, there are Federation News Service stories, and lots of interesting articles. You can hear about the history of the fleet awards ceremony, an overview of the warp drive, the history of the USS Columbia and listen to a review of the new book “The Autobiography of James T. Kirk”.

This episode was hosted by Kelrod, and includes contributions from Marcus Dickens, Stiftany Harik, Mirra Ezo, Nugra and more. The variety of topics, information, and ideas it inspires are just some of the things that people love about the UFoP:Starbase 118 podcast series. Thank you to the whole podcast team for their hard work, and another great episode! If you have any ideas for articles, or if you’d like to work on the podcast team yourself, please head over to the podcast forums and let us know.

You can listen to the podcast here, and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for the latest updates!

Unable to listen to the podcast online? Don’t worry, there is a solution for you! You are able to get the podcast on your phone through many popular mobile podcast apps. You can find out more on how to to do it with this amazing tutorial.

New podcast segment: Interview with Capt. Jalana Rajel

Our community is not lacking in talent be it through word, art or voice. One of the ways that our members express themselves is the fleet podcast where they bring the most recent Star Trek, simming, and science news for everyone to listen to. The podcast is even available through the website and on any mobile device including phones.

One such example of talent is the podcast’s recent interview with Captain Jalana Rajel who is also a published author outside the community. Listen now by clicking here!

Do you have an idea for the podcast? Do you want to lend your voice to our unique medium? Then don’t hesitate to volunteer by posting your interest in the podcast forums or reaching out to your captain! Any help and/or idea is welcome!

Have you checked out our forums? Join the conversation!

Our UFOP: StarBase 118 community forums encourage OOC (out of character) communication among players from across the fleet, as a way to build camaraderie. This short introduction to our forums will hopefully whet your appetite to head on over and dive into the conversations and fun!

Every ship, when launched, is given its very own forum where crew members can discuss topics relevant to their ship. These can range from threads that encourage players to get to know each other, or polls to select a shuttle name on a newly launched ship, or threads with funny quotes from sims.

There are also plenty of forums that are more general in purpose, like our Star Trek forums – where you can chat about the upcoming show or recently released movie; contest forums, like our Top Sims and Featured Bio nomination areas; and even the General Discussion forum for any other nonsense you can think of! There are other forums for IC forum-based simming, and also forums for specific discussion about improving particular parts of our community.

Did you know the Captains Council and Executive Council have their own forums where there they handle command-level discussions and take care of the back-end day-to-day issues that the fleet?

All of our forums are intended as a safe way to reach out to other players and talk about our fleet. They bind us with an overall sense of community that is unattainable with the wiki alone.

Help us continue to build the forums – click here log in now and take a look around!

Join the Publicity Team as a Forum Ambassador

The Publicity Team is dedicated to reaching out to other Trekkies across the internet and showing them what we have to offer. We are the face of our community and want to put our best foot forward. Without such missions it would be very difficult to show other Star Trek fans the adventure and gaming fun we have on our wonderful ships.

One of the most recent accomplishment is making contact with our good friends over at Role-play Headquarters, who have given us the privilege of being a guest blogger on their site. They are our cousins, the tabletop game and their goal is to create a place for both sides of the role-play world to hang out.

If you want to help us recruit new members, and enjoy spending time talking to others on forums across the web, we could use your help as a Forum Ambassador to represent us! An Ambassador participates in discussions on other forums and helps to foster a good relationship so that people looking for a simming game know where to find the best one on the internet today.

To join the team, simply use the form below to volunteer. We are waiting for your great ideas and energy to benefit our community’s endeavors!

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Star Trek: Beyond is here!

There is all kinds of hype for the new Star Trek: Beyond movie as, once again, the USS Enterprise takes flight to the farthest reaches of uncharted space!

A captain, a crew, a cast of talented, fresh faces – from both previous and new films – is what awaits moviegoers this month. Some highlights to look for are Zachary Quinto as Spock, late actor Anton Yelchin as Chekov, and Chris Pine as Kirk, along with a whole cast relaunch that brought the USS Enterprise to a new generation of fans. Once thought to be a dead franchise, J.J. Abram’s was able to prove one of the most critically acclaimed universes could still live in our time.

Star Trek fans from all over the world are excited to see what this new movie will brings in what J.J. Abram’s is now calling the “Kelvin timeline,” which is named after the ship that was the first to be destroyed in the 2009 Star Trek reboot, under the command – during its final moments – of George Kirk, father to James.

If you’re a Trek fan from any generation, now is the time to hunker-down with movie snacks and go see what’s what in theaters this month as Star Trek: Beyond takes to the silver screen tomorrow, July 22, 2016! Once you’ve watched, head to the forums to talk with others about what you liked, and didn’t!

Do you like to write? Are you captivated by the magic of Star Trek? Would you like to invent a character to who joins Starfleet and explores the stars? Now you can, all you have to do is click join!

UFOP: StarBase 118 is a free Star Trek Play By E-Mail role-playing game that combines the beauty and mystery of the future with the realism and imagination of today’s writers. Come immerse yourself in StarFleet and progress through the ranks starring in your very own section of a story written by you and other members across the globe!

New podcast! Check out 2393-3 for fun interviews and fleet news

In our latest podcast, we are showcasing an interview with Capt. Jalana Rajel, played by published author Jessica Werner, who will talk more about the process of writing a novel!

You’ll also learn more about the IC disappearance of one of the ships, welcome new ensigns, and more.

Click here to listen to the podcast on YouTube. Be sure to “thumbs up” the post and subscribe for updates!

The Podcast Team would like to extend a special thanks to every member who volunteered their time, including members of the Publicity Team, and Jessica Werner.

Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov in Star Trek.

Anton Yelchin: Remembering and celebrating his life

Today, let us pay tribute to a man who has made his mark on Star Trek: Anton Yelchin, may he rest in peace.

Anton was born in Russia to a Jewish family and moved to the United States with his parents when he was six months old.

Anton was more than just an actor in recent Star Trek movies, he was an inspiration to many people. Anton brought joy and smiles to the faces of friends, fans, and family alike. He will be remembered in our hearts and minds as a talented, gifted, kind, funny, and charismatic man. Anton Yelchin touched more lives than he could ever know with his portrayal of Pavel Chekov in the Star Trek reboot trilogy.

Losing a member of the Star Trek Community is always a sad and heartbreaking experience, as was proven with the death of Leonard Nimoy last year. Anton’s death was a tragic loss that will be felt for many years to come.

The entire Star Trek community sends its thoughts, prayers, and condolences to those Anton has left behind, and the members of UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG would like to invite you to sharing your thoughts and feelings on this loss on our Facebook post.

How to get our podcast on your mobile

Did you know that you can get our community podcast on your smartphone? With just a few simple steps, we’ll make sure that you get the new podcast each time it’s released.

To get started, you’ll need the URL below, but don’t click on it – you’ll need to put it into your podcasting app so it can find our podcast files.

If you’re on an iPhone, copy the URL on your iPhone or iPad and then launch the iPhone Podcast app. Then tap on the Search icon in the lower right of your screen and the app will give you a search field. Paste the URL you copied into the field, and it will ask if you want to subscribe. Tap Subscribe, and you’re set.

If you’re on Android, you can download the free app Podbean. On the main screen of the app, look for the button labeled “Browser.” Tap this and then select “Add URL” at the top righthand corner. Copy in our URL from above and you’re done. Back on the main screen you’ll find that the podcast has been added and you should see the logo of our Podcast Team. As new episodes come out, your mobile device will let you know so that you can download it and enjoy.

Don’t forget that you can always listen on the web, on our YouTube channel.

You can ask questions about our podcast, or join the team, on our forums.

Have fun listening!

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