Star Trek: Beyond is here!

Star Trek: Beyond is here!

There is all kinds of hype for the new Star Trek: Beyond movie as, once again, the USS Enterprise takes flight to the farthest reaches of uncharted space!
A captain, a crew, a cast of talented, fresh faces – from both previous and new films – is what awaits moviegoers this month. Some highlights to look for are Zachary Quinto as Spock, late actor Anton Yelchin as Chekov, and Chris Pine as Kirk, along with a whole cast relaunch that brought the USS Enterprise to a new generation of fans. Once thought to be a dead franchise, J.J. Abram’s was able to prove one of the most critically acclaimed universes could still live in our time.
Star Trek fans from all over the world are excited to see what this new movie will brings in what J.J. Abram’s is now calling the “Kelvin timeline,” which is named after the ship that was the first to be destroyed in the 2009 Star Trek reboot, under the command – during its final moments – of George Kirk, father to James.
If you’re a Trek fan from any generation, now is the time to hunker-down with movie snacks and go see what’s what in theaters this month as Star Trek: Beyond takes to the silver screen tomorrow, July 22, 2016! Once you’ve watched, head to the forums to talk with others about what you liked, and didn’t!
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