USS Constitution Responds to Mysterious Distress Call

USS Constitution Responds to Mysterious Distress Call

MARCHLANDS — The USS Constitution encountered an unexpected and puzzling distress call during a routine scanning mission in the Marchlands. The call, highly degraded but urgent, claimed to be from none other than Capt. James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise.

The USS Constitution NCC 9012-B was recently deployed on a routine scanning mission when it received the strange distress call. The message indicated that the Enterprise was running on reserve power and in dire need of rescue. The situation immediately raised questions for the crew of the Constitution: Was the distress call authentic? Had the Enterprise been pulled through some kind of temporal anomaly? Could the call be from the past, or was it a trick? If authentic, how could the crew avoid polluting the timeline? There are no records of the Enterprise under Kirk traveling to 2400 or meeting people from that time.

After much debate, the crew decided to limit who would answer the distress call and to outfit the away teams with period-correct uniforms and equipment. This decision required massive preparation across all departments.

“The effort we are undertaking is considerable, but the Constitution has suitable ability to replicate and manufacture the necessary period-correct materials,” remarked Lt. JG Imas Heeka, a Cardassian exchange officer on the Constitution. “Now leave me alone so that I can accomplish my task.”

Ens. Maxwell Tannhauser reported that the Constitution would arrive at the scene of the distress call, situated within a class nine nebula, in approximately 30 minutes.

The mystery surrounding the distress call has left the crew of the Constitution both intrigued and cautious. The situation is unprecedented, and the stakes are high. As they approach the nebula, questions remain unanswered, and the crew must prepare for the unknown.

Updates to follow.

Written by Azura Ada

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