USS Constitution Responds to Distress Call from Legendary USS Enterprise

USS Constitution Responds to Distress Call from Legendary USS Enterprise

MARCHLANDS — A landing party, led by Commodore Jalana Rajel, has visited the source of a mysterious distress call, believed to be from the USS Enterprise.

The USS Constitution NCC 9012-B recently intercepted a distress call purporting to be from the legendary Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Adhering to protocol, the Constitution, under the leadership of Commodore Jalana Rajel, promptly responded, ensuring that temporal protocols were strictly observed. An in-depth audio analysis conducted by First Officer Lieutenant Commander Ada revealed that the voice on the distress call bore a striking resemblance to Kirk’s during his famed “Five Year Mission.”

This revelation prompted swift action aboard the Constitution. Chief Petty Officer Byron Trench, Chief Requisitions Officer, remarked on the flurry of preparations, saying, “It was a race against time to get everything period-correct. From uniforms to devices, we even had to holographically modify our shuttle. It was a monumental task, but we rose to the challenge.”

Dressed in era-appropriate attire and equipped with period-correct gear, a landing party spearheaded by Rajel made contact with the ship’s crew. “While we haven’t been able to confirm their identities conclusively, meeting them felt incredibly real. The ship, its crew, Kirk, Spock, McCoy – it was like stepping back in time. We’re still trying to piece together the situation, but it’s evident that the distress call was genuine,” shared Lieutenant Commander Azura Ada, First Officer of the Constitution.

Preliminary reports suggest that the USS Enterprise is trapped within a nebula, operating on its last reserves of emergency power. First Officer Spock of the Enterprise estimates that the ship will become uninhabitable within the next 70 hours.

Following their return to the Constitution, Commodore Rajel and Lieutenant Commander Ada convened a briefing for the senior staff. As of this report, they are formulating plans to provide assistance to the Enterprise, ensuring that all actions align with temporal protocols.

Written by Azura Ada

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