Transfers and New Ensigns Keep the Crew of the Constitution Busy

Transfers and New Ensigns Keep the Crew of the Constitution Busy

STARBASE 104 – The USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) has seen several new officers joining its ranks in recent weeks, and the crew is utilizing their shore leave to familiarize themselves with one another.

After successfully resolving a daring hostage situation aboard the Thornwater, with Starfleet officers in recovery and the abused refugees receiving aid and support, the crew of the USS Constitution can now shift their focus to getting to know the new officers who have recently joined their ranks.

Among the new transfers are Lieutenant Commander Maz Rodan, previously a science officer on the USS Arrow; Lieutenant Laria Herren, a mission specialist from Starbase 709; Lieutenant Mingxing Shimisi, an engineering officer who served on the USS Hermes; and Ensigns T’Ama (Comm/OPS), Christian Gillette (security), Kimberly Stapledon (engineering), and Kimahri Rehn (counselor), all recent Academy graduates embarking on their first postings.

“With each new transfer and assignment, our family grows,” remarked Commodore Jalana Rajel, commanding officer of the Constitution.

As the new officers arrive and settle in, each must undergo onboarding procedures, including check-ins with the Commodore, Medical, and Counseling departments. “When someone joins a ship, there’s a lot to do and many new people to meet. For the existing crew, a new face means one more person to familiarize themselves with. But for the newly arrived officer, every face is new. It can be overwhelming,” stated Admiral Diamonde Bellevue Tanner, head of Starfleet Counseling. “When individuals feel welcome and connected to their crew, it reduces many of the stresses associated with service. Forging these connections is crucial to the success of Starfleet’s mission of peaceful exploration.”

In addition to the formal onboarding processes, the newly arrived officers can expect to have informal meetings with several senior officers on the ship.

“I was working in the arboretum as usual, tending to the flowers, when I spotted two women having a picnic and discussing philosophy and holography,” remarked Stallby, a civilian on board the Constitution. “Once I got a clear look at them, I recognized [Lieutenant Commander] Ada and a new face. It seemed like they were getting to know each other, which was nice to see.”

“Looking back, I wish I had said something. One of them was talking about ancient European continental philosophy, while the other was discussing ancient Zen and Taoist philosophy. Both were discussing representation and interpreting symbols across cultural boundaries,” Stallby continued. “But neither of them mentioned the role of ephemerality in holography and how it underpins people’s interactions with it. What a shame.”

With the challenges of the previous mission behind them, the crew not only had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with their new comrades but also heard rumors of an upcoming party.

The FNS newsroom extends a warm welcome to the newly arrived officers on the USS Constitution.

Written by Azura Ada

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